Risk is not something to fear, but to

clearly identify, rigorously analyze, fully understand, and expertly exploit.

Risk-Managed Investment Advice and Solutions


Our Mission

Bring state-of-the-art portfolio risk management to the science of investing

Our Belief

Focused investment risk management delivers superior long-term results

Our Acquired Wisdom

Conventional approaches are no longer sufficient

Why Choose Us

Giralda Advisors, located in New York City, is an asset management firm that focuses on providing risk-managed exposure to the equity markets with a goal of limiting asset depreciation during both protracted and catastrophic market downturns while allowing substantial asset appreciation in up-trending markets.

Giralda’s experienced investment team seeks to provide investors the opportunity to remain fully invested in the equity markets by managing the risk of loss during adverse market conditions. The team strives to nimbly detect meaningful market trends and movements, identify the complex relationships between assets in different market environments, and incorporate sophisticated risk measures and tools that reflect today’s market conditions.

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